Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ASUS Windows_8 Recovery soft/hard OEM

The below post shows you how to create a soft recovery and a hard recovery on windows 8 using an ASUS machine.
(NOTE:a1recovery has been discontinued)

1) Create a Soft Recovery USB/CD in case you need to do a soft recovery.

with Metro UI
right click>choose "all apps">>choose "control panel"
search "recovery"
choose>>"create a recovery drive"
NOTE: if you want to use CD/DVD then unclick the box stating "Copy the recov......."
after burn complete, you should be able to boot by adjusting your BIOS settings to point to the specific device.

2) From ASUS Download the application so you can create your recovery drive.
NOTE: unfortunately ASUS has taken out the CD/DVD option so you will need a USB thumbdrive around 16GB or a SATA device etc.. micro USB is not supported.

using your browser navigate to:

or if the link gets corrupt just search "backtracker" on their site:

once installed open the app and choose your options, once burned to the drive, reboot and adjust the BIOS to point to the device, then once loaded follow the onscreen questions.

NOTE: before reformatting, make sure you write down your product ID and KEY so incase windows activation fails you can supply the info.

that's it!

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